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Microchip for all kind of Animals

Microchip for all kind of Animals Overview Glass Microchip has been developed for subcutaneous injection and it is used for animal identification. Examples: Dog, Cat, Fish, Equine, Wildlife & Zoo animals. All of the microchip are compliant with ISO11784/11785 standard. All implantable products are sterilised to a high medical standard. Each microchip has a parylene...

2×EasyTaq® PCR SuperMix

2×EasyTaq® PCR SuperMix   EasyTaq® PCR SuperMix is a ready-to-use mixture of EasyTaq® DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, and optimized reaction buffer at a concentration of 2×. For DNA amplification, simply add the template, primers, and water to allow the SuperMix solution to react at a concentration of 1×. For 2×EasyTaq® PCR SuperMix (-dye), the PCR products which contain dA overlangs...

Primer & Probe

New Primer & Probe order from Metabion AG Germany Kindly send your order ( excel or word files only ) at : Dr. Saleh Ibrahim

TransStart® Green qPCR SuperMix

TransStart® Green qPCR SuperMix   TransStart® Green qPCR SuperMix is a ready-to-use qPCR cocktail containing all components, except primer and template. It contains TransStart® Taq DNA Polymerase, SYBR Green I, dNTPs, PCR enhancer and stabilizer. qPCR SuperMix is provided at 2× concentration and can be used at 1× concentration by adding template, primer, passive reference dye (optional) and ddH2O....

EasyScript® One-Step RT-PCR SuperMix

  EasyScript® One-Step RT-PCR SuperMix One-Step RT-PCR combines the first-strand cDNA synthesis with PCR in the same tube to simplify reaction setup and reduce the possibility of contamination. Only gene-specific primers can be used for One-Step RT-PCR. EasyScript® RT and TransTaq®HiFi DNA Polymerase are used in the kit.